Car Lost In the Garden

So…I ran into a young, pretty woman as I walked thru the Promenade garden after work last night. She looked frazzled and a bit lost so I asked if I could help. She admitted she could use some help and offered that she could not find her car in the parking garage. I offered that the best way to find her car would be from the inside of the garage – not wandering in the garden. (Gawd – I loved how quickly that came out!)

I suspect she wondered at that point if this geezer was going to be any help at all – or if I was just going to smother her with sarcasm!

She said she was an insurance agent from Charlotte, NC and was in town to meet clients. And she had a minor accident on the road the day before, had been at the bars with her clients late the night before, and was flat out tired. But, she knew she parked on the same level as an entrance – wherever that was. I said there were 3 entrances and pointed out the 14th Street below us. She said she came in on 15th. Fine! A useful detail!

I walked her to the nearby elevator/stairway entrance – which she appeared not to have known existed – and down the stairs to one of two 15th Street entrances. She seemed to begin to remember details – motorcycles parked by the entrance, walkways, gates, etc. Still, other details didn’t look familiar so I suggested it was a tricked-memory-thing. She was seeing what she wanted to remember (more sarcasm) but we still had one more entrance to check. By then she had pulled her key fob from his place hidden in her purse and gave it a squeeze and break lights flashed a mere four car-lengths away. My, what a very happy girl she suddenly became – so happy that I got a hug! So, I too became very happy!

I didn’t say anything to her about how to get out of the garage which can be exceedingly  tricky or how to get onto I-85 North which can be impossible on a workday – irrespective of last night’s events.

The next day I mentioned this story to a couple of co-workers on the way to lunch and one of them said, “She picked your pocket!” I quickly went for my wallet – it was gone!
Just joking about that – the rest is wonderfully true.