About the Mad Ranger

       He is a once-upon-a-time Army infantryman, aviator and recruiter of no particular repute. In his first assignment in Korea, two buddies earned their Bald Ranger and Tall Ranger monikers for obvious traits; Mad Ranger remains irked because he was given no explanation for how he earned his tag! Following a challenging and rewarding military career, he transitioned into civilian careers as an IT and telecom project manager for a host of Atlanta-based firms and then, glibly, became a “repeatable-process” consultant. He  is thrice retired: from the military, from a railroad, and from consulting. Now he is occasionally drawn to place his observations into words…the linked pages offer his view of events, travels, people and Beagles that drew his attention.

   After electing to walk the Appalachian Trail, he attempted to reconstruct this website so that interested (or amused) followers could trail along with him as he sought the humor in hiking. What you see on these pages is the result of that endeavor…take your choice of endeavors: remodeling the website or hiking the trail.


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