The Case of the Missing Godiva

The Carr family of Peachtree City, GA needs your help in solving a crime of theft that occurred on December 13, 2007. Here are the case facts as they are known.

Sometime before 1500 hours on 13 December 2007, the FedEx Company delivered a large package to the Carr’s residence. It was received in good condition by Mr. Carr who immediately placed the package on the kitchen table for examination. Unsure of what it might contain since there was no return address on it and not sure if he or his wife had perhaps ordered a Christmas gift for the other, he opened the shipping envelope.  He learned that the shipper was the Schwab Company; specifically it was from his financial advisor VP Karen Chermak. So he proceeded to open the box. Inside the box was a package sealed in thin opaque cellophane with Godiva printed on the outside. Reasonably concluding that it was a Christmas gift for him and his wife, Lana, he then placed the gift under the recently trimmed Christmas tree along with the card from Karen.

At approximately 1500 a Comcast technician arrived to configure a new service. Mr. Carr was certain about the time because like a typical cable guy, he was two hours late; the scheduled time had been between 1100 and 1300 as agreed upon during the online chat with the scheduler in St Louis, MO.

As Mr. Carr escorted the cable guy into the family room, Mr. Carr noticed that all manner of wrapping material was strewn across the floor. Upon further examination, the contents of the packaging appeared to have been stolen; there was no evidence whatsoever of the box or its contents. When the Comcast technician departed the residence, Mr. Carr inspected every room in the house, the deck, and walkways around the house and could find no evidence that the contents were still on site.

Since the package had been delivered only minutes ahead of the theft, and there had been no alarm raised by his two companions to suggest that an intruder entered the premises, he concluded that the theft was an inside job. Mrs. Carr had an alibi: she was at work in downtownAtlantaas confirmed by her employer and co-workers who said she had only been out of sight for at most 5 minutes…a period of time they indicated that she was known to make cell phone calls, allegedly to her husband.  The phone company records confirm that a call was made to her residence from her cell phone, but that call was made before the package delivery was made. With his wife excluded as a suspect, his suspicions turned back to his two house companions. Still, he had heard no commotion normally associated with destruction and scattering of packaging that would have pointed to them so he was loath to accuse those trusty companions. Mr. Carr continued to believe the theft was an inside job, yet, he remained totally perplexed as to who was responsible. And where was the evidence?

Mr. Carr indicated that later in the day his suspicions were again aroused when one of his faithful companions, Bud-the-Dog (to be distinguished from Bud-the-Best Man), became unusually active; akin to a sugar-high known to occur in humans. Still, with only circumstantial evidence he was reluctant to contact authorities.

Then on 15 December while carrying the kitchen compost bucket to the backyard compost bin, he noticed a pile of paper and cellophane items tucked against a potting bench. With the kitchen compost bucket still in hand he retrieved a few of the items with the intent of returning for the balance later with empty hands. Continuing on his way back to the kitchen, he had a BFO – a blinding flash of the obvious. The items he had just policed up from the yard were the wrappings from a Godiva box…similar to what he expected to be in the package that he had placed under the Christmas tree days earlier.

Having now disturbed the crime scene twice, he determined to safeguard the remaining evidence…untouched. He took pictures of the scene as it lay, albeit disturbed. With the pictures taken, he removed the items to the lab following CSI protocol and attempted to reconstruct the Godiva packaging.

It would appear that the package had contained an assortment of eight chocolates of unknown shape and consistency.

The sugar contents of the chocolates as indicated by the package disclaimers could very well cause the sugar-high previously observed in Bud by Mr. Carr.

Bud was later apprehended, mug shots were taken, and he was charged with the crime of theft-by-consumption. A review of the Bud’s files revealed a record of theft-by-taking. As recently as last October he was seen running with a full Dagwood sandwich in his mouth that had been placed on the patio table only moments beforehand.

He has also been seen lurking beside kitchen counters as well as coffee and buffet tables although he has not been caught absconding with any of the food items on display at those locations. Bud-the-Dog has several known aliases: Budhead, The Whale, Hopper II, Sneak, & Gift Dropper.

Bud is known to associate with Miller. Although not much is known about Miller, he may have once been homeless. In fact, it is reported that he was snatched from a church porch in South Georgia along with an alleged “brother”. They were thought to have been transported from the South via an underground system known to safeguard so-called strays with the intent of rehabilitation. Nevertheless, since being relocated his file does suggest that Miller is missing a brick; the brick normally associated with anti-human tendencies and destructive behaviors. Only a few photos of Miller exist. The attached, undated photo suggests a shady character (coincidentally, an alias), but his record does not bear that out. Other known aliases: Happy, Tailman, The Cop, Waggers, CatManDu, Shady Character, Mills, and Bugle Boy.

The Carr’s report that they recently discontinued saying mealtime prayers with both eyes closed out of fear that they will loose their portions. Mr. Carr generally leaves his right eye open while Lana, who sits to his right, keeps her left eye open during the prayers. To ensure that no blind spots develop, they move their heads laterally as if on a swivel.

If you have any information that suggests Bud & Miller have engaged in crimes of any sort in the neighborhood or if you have any information about this crime of theft, please contact Mr. Carr at his residence or by calling 1-800-DogCrimes.